Nixon Watches Team Picks Rick McCrank

Team Picks from Rick McCrank

Each week, we are asking a member of our elite team to share a selection of Nixon's new offerings that they are personally stoked on. Because all of our products are team-designed, custom-built, every chosen item is a true reflection of that member's talents, interests, influences, and style. This...

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Nixon Watches Whiteout Happenings Thumb

The Whiteout Collection

Subtlety is substance. Because when everything has its purpose, every detail contributes to the whole. It is an aesthetic of minimalism, less becomes more. When...

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Nixon Watches Team Pick's Todd Richards Thumb

Team Picks from Todd Richards

Continuing our Team Picks series, this week snowboarding pioneer Todd Richards found time between hosting his popular web series AWSM on Alli and commentating...

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Nixon The Corporal SS Watch Thumb

Welcome The Corporal SS

Stripped Down, Bulked Up, Stainless Steel. The new stainless steel Corporal SS takes command. Stripped of all but the essential function of keeping true time,...

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Nixon Team Picks from Lisa Andersen Thumbnail

Team Picks from Lisa Andersen

What's on Lisa Andersen's newest Nixon wishlist? In this week's Team Picks, she gives you a peak into her current favorite pieces from Nixon: The Dial, Going...

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Rose Gold and Chocolate

The Rose Gold and Chocolate Collection

Expanding the boundaries of what it means to be both modern and classic, our Rose Gold and Chocolate Collection tips a champagne toast to the past while rushing...

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