Jeremy Flores Wins The 2012 Nixon WTA Tahiti

Jeremy Flores takes on Teahupoo and wins the “heaviest wave” title and $10,000 custom Nixon watch It was Jeremy Flores of The Reunion Islands who tackled Teahupoo and walked away the winner of Nixon’s WTA for “Heaviest Wave” during the Billabong Pro. This win marks Jeremy’s second win in a row for...

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2012 Street League Championship Nixon Watch Thumb

Nixon X 2012 Street League Championship

The final stop of the 2012 Street League tour will roll into Newark, New Jersey this Sunday at the Prudential Center for its winner-takes-all Championship...

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Spin Magazine Nixon Watches Surf Lodge Montauk Nite Jewel Thumb

Nixon | SPIN : August 25 @ The Surf Lodge Montauk

NIXON | SPIN Present an evening with Nite Jewel Saturday, August 25 7-9pm | 21+ only The Surf Lodge Montauk, New York *Admission based on capacity See...

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Nixon WTA Winner Takes All Tahiti Teahupoo Thumb

The Nixon WTA Tahiti is coming soon...

The 3rd stop of Nixon’s 2012 WTA (winner-takes-all) is headed to Teahupoo, Tahiti, and this time it will be awarded to the surfer who takes on the heaviest wave...

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Band of Horses presented by Nixon Watches Poster thumb

Band of Horses presented by Nixon

Nixon and our friends, Band of Horses, got together to kick off Lollapalooza with a sold out show last night at the Metro in Chicago. Nixon was on-hand live...

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