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Nixon | Poler | Camp Vibes

Poler x Nixon: Limited, now available

Channeling the spirit of outdoor summer adventures we introduce the Poler x Nixon collaboration. Inspired by life off the beaten path and influenced by camp...

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Nixon | Star Wars | Stormtrooper | Ranger 40

STAR WARS | Nixon: Early, limited release

In the spirit of doing the never been done, with our emphasis on the details, we are proud to introduce the STAR WARS | Nixon Collection, the best watches in...

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Nixon | Vans | Hana Beaman playlist

Vans x Nixon: Hana Beaman Mixtape

Oh Hana. What’s to say about Hana other than we love her. She’s been a part of the Nixon team for over 10 years now and she rules. We asked Hana to pull...

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Nixon | The Hunt | Ranger | #NIXONHUNT


Inspired by summer–one of our favorite times of year– we heard the call of adventure and you answered. Crisscrossing the USA (and a quick stop in Canada) the...

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Nixon | Vans | MiniBlaster | Curren Caples playlist

Vans x Nixon: Curren Caples Mixtape

Curren Caples embodies the new breed in skate and surf, one where both take priority and feed off of each other and influence each other. Equally versed in both...

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Nixon | Vans | MiniBlaster

Welcome the Vans x Nixon Mini Blaster

Ready to unleash a fury of robust and LOUD sound the Vans x Nixon Mini Blaster is here to crash the party. Mobile portability built tough to withstand the...

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Nixon | Irons Pine Trees Classic

Irons Brothers Pine Trees Classic

For well over a dozen years, the Irons Brothers Pine Trees Classic has been an event that locals and groms on Kauai look forward to. Started by Bruce and the...

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nixon | The Hunt | Ranger

Going the distance, introducing the #NIXONHUNT

The sun is out, the temperature is rising and vacation is on the horizon; welcome summer, our favorite time of year. Feeling inspired by adventure, by those...

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Nixon | Chris and Zach Miller


Skateboarding legend Chris Miller is a familiar face around Nixon’s hometown of Encinitas, CA because, well, he lives here. Chris is known for his style and is...

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The Nixon Surf Challenge 2015: Hainan, China

The Nixon Surf Challenge 2015: Hainan, China

The Nixon Surf Challenge is a far cry from the every day surf event. With an emphasis on free surfing and peer judging, the take away from the anti-contest is...

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